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August Mailer

Catching you up on what we have been up to the last month and what we have coming up...

We have an exciting announcement…

One of our clients has contacted us to offer you a discounted

massage. If you normally get a massage and can’t get into your usual place this could be an opportunity to check out somewhere new. Or if you just feel like treating yourself this is the perfect chance to make some ‘you’ time to recharge and relax!

Not feeling like a massage?

Maybe getting your hands on tickets to the Mountain Ales Craft Beer Festival sounds better.

This event is normally sold out by now, but we have been told there are still a few more tickets available! On the 10th of September come along and enjoy some craft beer and cider. An extra bonus is that your entry ticket comes with 4x drinks and a food voucher!


Xero tips – reconcile regularly

When it comes to reconciling your accounts in Xero, do you find that you avoid it because you know it will take forever? We have a tip for you to help with this… The more often you reconcile the quicker it will be.

  • You will have fewer things to reconcile if you do it regularly

  • You will soon master this, and it won’t take you as long

  • The more often you reconcile the easier it makes our job, meaning it will save you money at the end of the year!


GST - due this month

It is that time again if you do your GST returns every second month. This is just a quick reminder that they are due on the 29th (Monday next week). Make sure that you have everything you need to be sorted so you do not receive late fees.


Business showcase

Last week we were at the Plymouth Hotel for the Taranaki Chambers of Commerce Business Showcase. What an awesome night this was! There were plenty of businesses there all supporting one another which was great to see. This was a great way to meet new people and potential clients, as well as network with other businesses.

If you have just started a business or have been in business for a while, this could be an event to add to your calendar for next year!


Upcoming events

Xero Roadshow Breakfast (25th August) & Wellbeing conference (8th September)

Later this month we have the Xero Roadshow Breakfast coming up. Not only will we be getting to go out for breakfast… We will be getting the scoop on all the new product updates Xero has coming up soon.

At the beginning of next month will be attending the Wellbeing Conference put on by the Taranaki Chambers of Commerce and Principal Sponsor Beach Energy. This highlights the importance of health and wellbeing within the workplace. Having a work-life balance can be hard to find but is more important than we often realise.

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