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Taranaki Young Peoples Trust needs your help!

My Mobile Accountant is supporting the Taranaki Young Peoples Trust, and we would like to invite you to contribute as well! The following list is some of the things they need to provide the support to the youth of our province. Contact us today if you can help.

· Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Correction Tape, Staples · Clear pockets, Manilla folders, Document holders · Exercise books, Notebooks, Writing pads · 10 boxes of Copier Paper · Felt tip pens, Colour pencils · 4 desktop computers · Rubbish bags · Face masks, Hand sanitiser · Dishwashing liquid, Washing powder · General cleaning products (toilet, kitchen, bathroom) · Kitchen sponges/dish brushes · Light bulbs (bayonet, 100watt) · Tissues, Toilet paper · Electric fry pans (two if possible) · Kitchen utensils, knives, Mixing bowls · Cooking ingredients, Pantry items · Handyman tools (screw driver set, hammer) · Rugby balls, net balls, volley balls, cricket set · Swimming Towels

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