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Meet Our Team

Accountants have traditionally been typecast as stuffy, conservative types who are good with figures, but little else. That may be unfair of course, but My Mobile Accountant are one practice that absolutely smashes that image. They're good with figures, and they're really good at what they do, but MyMA are a refreshing change from the norm. 

It all starts with founder and director, Shelley Scott. A Member of ATAINZ of many years' experience, she sets the tone for her small, handpicked team. 

Shelley Scott

Director &  Accountant

"I saw a niche market where I could talk to smaller clients – individuals, sole traders and little partnerships – who could potentially feel lost in a corporate system. It’s all about service, and understanding what the client needs."

IMG_9808_MyMA Team_2023.JPG

Katryna Peters

Responsible For: 

  • GST Returns
  • Xero Training
  • Payroll

“I love working for a small business which values its clients and I enjoy helping them to reach their financial goals and meeting on their own grounds makes it more personal with a one on one focus.”

IMG_9769_MyMA Team_2023.JPG
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