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Annual Financial Statements & Income Tax

We offer end of financial year accounting. Not only are your end of year accounts compliance with IRD but they are also a great tool to see how your investments are preforming.

Financial Services

We can help with your financial statements, tax returns and filing these with IRD, and your GST returns and filing. 

We also have our Tax Queries, under Administration Services, if you are worried about taxes. This is the perfect way to get all of your questions answered and create a plan so you will no longer be stressing about tax. 

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Administration Services

These admin packages are designed for everyone, if one of these packages is just what you are needing, contact the team so we can help you.

Business Health Check

A deep dive into your accounts

Have a few questions about your accounts, GST and/or reconciling? We can go over these as well.

Payroll Health Check

A deep dive into your payroll
Overview of your leave liabilities and 
balances. Checking your PAYE
Ensuring your processes are working well.

Tax Queries

Assess where you are at with your taxes
Create a plan to tackle any owing tax
Advice and answering your questions


Budgeting Session

Let us help you create a budget to keep on top of your finances. This could be for you personally or your business.
A strategy to tackle the rising costs of living.
A better understanding of your finances.

Payroll Services

Payroll can be overwhelming and distract you from the essential activities of your business. Payroll and employment legislation is also growing progressively more complex and can be an obstacle.

Payroll Services

Processing your payroll, from start to finish. 

Any queries to do with leave, payrates, Average Weekly Earnings and Ordinary Weekly Pay rates, or any other curve balls you have encountered with your payroll. 

We also have our Payroll Health Check, under Administration Services, if you are just wanting a someone to have a look and ensure you are meeting all requirements as an employer.

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Management Reporting

Management reports are vital to see where your business is sitting. The team at MyMA are able to set up monthly reports for you to get up-to-date information. 


 Reporting Services

Understanding where your business is at and knowing where you want to get to is important. But having the data and knowledge to get there is what counts. This is where we can help you plan your future. 

We also have our Business Health Check, under Administration Services, if you are wanting someone to have a more in-depth look at where your business is currently at.



"It was such a daunting thought going into our sharemilking business for the first time! Dairy farming and managing staff is so natural to us but the business start up, accountancy and payroll software were so foreign and we didn't know where to start. 

Shelley from My Mobile Accountant has been and still is a valuable part of our business. No question is too silly our every question is answered with friendly, professional advice given. Shelley has patiently talked us through our accountancy needs and more, while making us feel very relaxed about the process. 

We highly recommend My Mobile Accountant."

Future Farming Ltd - Tracey James & Nathan Bird

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