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April 2023

April sure has been a busy month and it is not over yet! As we have been ‘head down tail up’ this newsletter will be short and sweet with only the important stuff you need to know. Make sure you check out our Xero Tip this month as this one helps you to help us….


Client Feature - Heavensent Gourmet

Let us talk about food! Do you like to cook and try new flavours/combinations?

Then you need to check out Heavensent Gourmet. Louise has recently taken over Heavensent Gourmet, and we can see why! All the products on offer look delicious, they have everything from vinaigrettes and sauces to relishes and old-fashioned sweets. All their condiments are handmade using the finest local and imported ingredients. If you are looking for something to spice up your meals or even a gift for that person that loves to cook, make sure you see what Heavensent has to offer!


Xero Tip – 2023 Documents

The 2022 financial year has come to a close, meaning you need to start thinking about getting your 2023 documents to us. Xero can make this nice and easy for you! If you go and look in your Xero Files (Xero files can be found under the drop-down menu on the top left above settings), you should see a folder called End of Financial Year 2023 Documents.

This is where you can put all the documents that we will be asking you for. If you aren’t too sure what we will be asking you for, there should be a checklist in there already, if not please let us know.



ANZAC Day is coming up next week, unlike the last few years, it falls on a Tuesday so no long weekend. However, ANZAC Day is about more than just a day off work.

We all know it stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, but when did you last go to a dawn service or ANZAC parade? We have marked this day as important for a reason, it is the anniversary of the landing of the troops at Gallipoli, as well as commemorating all who have served and laid down their lives for us. Make time this year to remember those who have served their country so we can lead the lives we do today.

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