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November Mailer

The end of the year is almost upon us and there is still so much to do!

Here are our last updates for the year... There are a few tips and some special offers as well as catching you up with what we have been up to.

Client Feature - Seismic Events

Moose and Shona were driving home when they came up with the business name, Seismic Events. That was almost a decade ago; today they enjoy bringing music, entertainment, fundraising and shenanigans to people and businesses right across Taranaki and beyond.

Moose and Shona live and breathe the belief that human connections are important, so whether it's a massive shindig with 500 guests or an intimate ceremony for your nearest and dearest, you can be assured of that same personal touch.

For more information, find them online...


Xero Tip - Budget Manager

Budgets… They can be tedious and just too hard sometimes.

However, believe it or not, Xero has an

easy way to set up your budget that links back to your chart of account codes. You could even have multiple budgets for different things…

Under accounting, go into Reports; from there you will find Budget Manager. You can customize the report as well as having the ability to export it to Excel and import it once you have populated it with data.


Tax Pooling

Have you heard of Tax Pooling?

What happens is instead of having a massive tax bill for your income tax, you can use an intermediary company to help offset your payments. You can pay the intermediary in instalments, and they will pay your tax bill in full and on time. This can take the stress and worry out of paying your tax.

We partner with Tax Traders who are great at helping with tax pooling. If this is something that you are interested in setting up or want to know more about it, just get in touch with us.


Shutdown Periods - Tips for Employers

The silly season is sneaking up on us all too fast… this means that as a business owner there are a few things to think about.

Have all your staff put in their leave applications yet so that you can manage the roster?

Have you decided on your opening and closing hours/days? And then let your clients and customers know?

Another thing that you may be asked by your staff members is if they can have a week of annual leave cashed out. Just ensure that you get this in writing and that the amount doesn’t equate to more than one week.

Talking about shutdown hours…

We will be closed from 3:30 pm on the 22nd of December 2022 until the 9th of January 2023.


PaySauce Promo

We have mentioned PaySauce a few times now, if you are thinking about changing your payroll software or maybe just interested in seeing what other options are out there; this could be the perfect chance. PaySauce has let us know about a promo they are running. If you sign up before Christmas, you will have Fees Free until the 31st of March 2023. Another great thing about PaySauce is that

there are no contracts, so if this isn’t the right payroll software for you there will be no penalties for cancelling.


Business for sale

Are you looking for the next thing… not too sure what it might be, or are you looking to expand your business?

A client of ours L’epicure is selling their business as they are moving home to France. We will be sad to see them go but are excited to see where the new owners will take the business. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity either get in contact with us and we can pass on their details or send them an email


What we have been up to - Pink Ribbon Street Appeal & Xero Gold Party

Over the past month, we have been busy not only with work but with getting out and supporting the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal in October. This is an important cause that we are proud to support as it is often not talked about enough.

We also celebrated becoming Gold Partners with Xero. This was a huge milestone that we are proud to say we have achieved with your help. It was a great evening to honour Shelley and how far she has come with growing MyMA over the last 5 years she has been in business. Starting out working from home to employing her first staff member, surviving covid as a small business and then moving into our office space. There have been many accomplishments to get this far but becoming a Gold Partner with Xero is one of the accomplishments that really shows just how far this business has come.


Xero Assistance Programme - XAP

Another reminder as the silly season approaches and stress levels get high, Xero offers all subscribers, their employees and their families access to free and confidential mental health counselling and resources.

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