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September Mailer

This last month has been rather busy and there are a few things to catch you up on, so this newsletter is a little longer than normal but bear with us, it is all important stuff!

We are starting something new in our newsletters: Client Features. If you are doing something new or something has happened that you would love to share with everyone send us a message so we can spread the word!

Client Feature: Petite Cha

Have you heard of Petite Cha? They are coming up to their one-year anniversary of being in their shop on Brougham Street here in New Plymouth. We have had the honor

of watching this small business grow from a Young Enterprise Scheme to a wonderful flourishing business. Recently Petite Cha has also launched a snack menu to compliment their bubble tea drinks. They have a range of snacks from, macaroons and waffles to hotdogs and mozzarella sticks. If you are craving

sweet or savory, they have it covered! Pop in and check out their drinks and food next time you are in town. It is still important that we support our local businesses.


Xero Tips - File Storage with Xero

Are you struggling to keep all your receipts, invoices, and other bits and pieces in one place so that at the end of the financial year you can give them to us? May

be this is your chance to take advantage of storing these files in Xero. Yes, you can store these things in one place. Somewhere you won’t lose them and most importantly somewhere that we can access them, so we don’t need to pester you about getting them.

This feature that Xero offers is great, it can take a lot of stress out of managing your accounts and you don’t need to pay any extra for it. You already have access to it, so why not utilize it?


Public Holiday on the Monday 26 September

Another public holiday, you are either thinking ‘yay long weekend’ or ‘how does this affect the payroll’. Here are a few tips so that you as an employer can also enjoy this one-off public holiday…

So, it is a one-off how does it work? Just like any other public holiday, all employees are entitled to the same regulations of the Holidays Act (2003). Just because this is a one-off public holiday, it doesn’t mean the rules aren’t the same.


The School Holidays are almost here...

It is that time of year again… School holidays (seems like they only just had holidays). The kids are going to be home, and you still have to work, you are running out of ideas of how to keep them entertained, don’t worry here are a few ideas to keep the kids happy and occupied so they aren’t pestering you all day!

- Free water safety lessons – second week of the school holidays

- Bowling and Mini Golf combo at Bowlarama $20

- Laser Tag and Mini Golf combo at Bowlarama $19

- Todd Energy Aquatic Center $5

- Hawera Aquatic Center $4 ($4 extra for the hydro slide)

- Fun Ho! Toys Museum in Inglewood (Entry: Child $3.50 Adult $7.00)

- Tawhiti Museum (Entry: Child $5.00 Adult $15.00)

- Govett- Brewster Art Gallery Holiday Art – Free

- OSCAR holiday programme Bell Block School – Subsidies available

- South Taranaki District Council activities - costs variable


Here is what we have been up to...

Xero Roadshow Breakfast

At the end of August, we had a Breakfast hosted by the Xero Roadshow. This was a great chance to catch up with what new things Xero is working on and the improvements they are making.

We also got to catch up with our Xero manager, who was able to answer some of our more challenging questions, meaning we are better equipped to help you! Another exciting piece of information our manager told us is that we are almost a Gold Partner, meaning 1) a gold party very soon! 2) our business has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last three years. So, keep an eye out for our announcement in the next few months about us achieving gold status.

Wellbeing Conference

Earlier in September, we attended the Wellbeing Conference put on by the Taranaki Chambers of Commerce. This conference was great, we all enjoyed it and got some takeaways from all the guest speakers. Keep an eye out on our social media as we will be doing a few series to share some key points that the speakers talked about that we think would also benefit you.


Xero Assistance Programme

XAP is an extra that Xero offers to all its customers, as well as their employees and their family members. This is free, confidential access to face-to-face, phone, live chat, and online counselling.

Free, we all like free things, but does this sound too good to be true… counselling can be expensive. Well, this time it is exactly as it sounds, free and there for your benefit. Xero wants to support small businesses and see them grow; this is one of the ways that they are helping their customers help themselves.


Last but not least... Do you need help with your business's social media?

Our newest team member Clare has taken over our social media and marketing. As a small business ourselves we know it can be tough to keep up with all the other larger companies out there, so we are offering some marketing services.

If your website needs revamping and tidying up, or you want to set up a social media account for your business, you want to get some Ads running, or you want help with constant content coming out regularly, these are all things that we can help with. Send us a message to see how we can help you and your business.

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