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MyMA October mailer

Spring is in the air, and it is already getting warmer. There are lots of events planned for summer in Taranaki, let's hope we get to enjoy them. The Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival 2021 is just around the corner (29 October - 7 November), there is plenty to see, check out the Facebook page for details. There is also a Taranaki Artists trail coinciding with the garden festival, with some talented local artists sharing their work.

Covid 19 update

A reminder that while we are in level 2, we will be able to accept visitors to our office at theMyMA Hub at Moturoa Shops, by appointment only. This way we can ensure there is only one appointment in the office at a time. Please call or text Katryna, on 027 555 0201 to arrange a time. For more information, please read our blog post.

The website releases regular updates on all Covid 19 issues, including rules and guidelines for different alert levels. Please check it out if you or your business is unsure of its responsibilities.

Taranaki Young People's Trust

Recently My Mobile Accountant announced that we are supporting the Taranaki Young People's Trust, and we invited you to contribute. We are still happy to accept donations for the trust, just drop them in to the MyMA hub, or get in touch if you would like someone to collect them from you.

Upcoming Dates;

28 October

Your GST return and payment is due for the taxable period ending 31 September.

If you use myIR to manage your Inland Revenue account, you should submit any GST returns due this month before 21 October, as it is being upgraded, with a new layout and features. You will be able to login again from 28 October. Inland Revenue have announced that the deadline for October has been extended by one week, so the final date for paying is now 4 November to file and pay the taxes currently due on 28 October.

Cyber Smart Week

CERT NZ is running Cyber Smart Week from 18 – 24 October 2021.

“The primary goal of this year's campaign is to empower all New Zealanders to step up their online security so they’re less vulnerable to cyber attacks.”

Recent text scams and other phishing and cyber attacks highlight the importance of securing your devices and online presence. Netsafe has some helpful tips for detecting scams.

Generally you should be wary of anything unsolicited or unexpected, from an unknown source. For example, if you receive emails asking you to update your details or payment information, if they appear to be from a legitimate source, contact the organisation directly to see if they sent it. You can usually tell by checking the sender's email address.

Stay safe and enjoy the upcoming long weekend, do you have any projects planned?

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